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How much extra would you pay each month to get the "Peace of Mind" and "Predictability" offered by IndeGo, compared to what you spend today?


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Indego / Car Ownership

Car Ownership

From a car ownership perspective, instead of buying a car, and then having the responsibility to manage all the operating requirements including its disposal when your needs or tastes change, you lease a car from IndeGo for a period which could vary from several months to three years.  The full responsibility for the running of the car, including things like road taxes and insurance, will be borne by IndeGo in return for a single monthly payment.  You will be able to select from different ages of car and different types, and from different levels of service package, all tailored to your expected usage pattern.  If the car needs service or repair, IndeGo will call you and arrange to collect and return the car.  If your usage pattern changes, IndeGo will recognise this and contact you to discuss how best to review your contract.  IndeGo will even make sure that your congestion charge is paid for you if you go into areas where congestion charges apply!  The offer is for peace of mind at a predictable cost.